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Life, Love, and Business Coaching
20+ Years of Experience mentoring and coaching individuals, couples, and businesses

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Licensed  Social Worker
MA in Leadership
Flow Certified Professional Coach

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Empower Your Journey
Unlock your potential for happiness, success, and fulfillment with our skilled and compassionate life, love, and business coaching.

I help individuals and business owners to  align their actions and mindset with the practical realities of their business, allowing them to achieve optimal performance and sustainable success.
My coaching services are built on a foundation of trust and integrity. Clients can rely on our expertise and confidentiality to navigate through challenging situations, overcome obstacles, and make impactful changes.
I am committed to delivering personalized, results-driven coaching to our clients. Our proven methodology and dedication to our clients' success make us a reliable partner in their journey towards growth and fulfillment.
About Me
With over 20 years of experience in counseling, coaching, and training, I offer support for personal and professional growth. Let's set goals, improve relationships, and achieve overall development. Together, we can empower you to overcome fears, navigate setbacks, and redefine success. Take control of your life with my packages and embark on an exciting journey of growth and self-discovery.

Trauma is truth of life, I see my life journey as a testament to resilience, from overcoming abuse to embracing my true identity. Surrounding myself with a supportive community and mentors empowered me to live authentically, celebrating my quirks and living my truth.
My Services

Life, Love and Relationship Coaching
The transformative process helps individuals and couples overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and unleash their inner potential, enabling them to create fulfilling relationships and achieve personal growth and fulfillment. I work with clients with depression, anxiety and relationships issues 

Personal Growth, Leadership and Business Empowerment
help individuals and business owners to  align their actions and mindset with the practical realities of their business, allowing them to achieve optimal performance and sustainable success.

Here's How I've Helped Others
"I highly recommend Nimir's coaching and counseling sevices. He has a vast knowledge of the whole body, holistic healing, and coaching, which helped me overcome my anxiety and fear, and attain peace and serenity in life. Throughout the process, Nimir's approach was both professional and personable, making me feel comfortable and heard. His coaching enabled me to manage my emotions and find the inner peace that has transformed my life. Now, I am confident and positive to face any challenges that come my way. I am immensely grateful to Nimir for his caring and insightful coaching, and I strongly recommend his services to anyone looking for life-changing results."
— Dhruv, (Alberta)
"I had been struggling with a mental block in a class I was taking. I tried looking for help with friends, asking my instructors, and searching the internet for answers without success. Nimir helped me get to the root of the issue by shifting my perspective and challenging the way I was thinking about my problem. Once I knew the root cause, we were able to come up with some strategies to use to move forward. Not only have I seen improvements in my class, but my instructors and peers have made positive observations about the changes I have made. If you’re struggling to make a change, but really don’t know how or where to start, I would encourage you to explore coaching with Nimir."
— Carrie S, Government Employee, (Denver, US)
"Even though Nimir and I have been coaching together for a short time, he has been a stalwart ally in moving my professional goals forward with more clarity and helping me identify and honor my personal values.  I love the way Nimir uses his counseling training and experience to complement his coaching. He has helped me explore my core values and motivations from a deeper and more impactful emotional level.  He is skilled at redirecting negative emotions that were keeping me stuck and eliciting positive emotions (dare I say, Joy!) that get me excited to take action. I am grateful for his partnership, compassionate approach, and results-oriented, forward focus.  His coaching has made a real difference to me both personally and professionally."  
—Tiffany , Business Owner (South Carolina)
"I struggled with anxiety and couldn't talk to anyone about it. That's when I decided to try coaching and counselling with Nimir. He provided a safe and non-judgmental space to share my thoughts and feelings and helped me develop practical strategies for managing my anxiety. I feel more confident and in control of my life now, and I couldn't have done it without Nimir’s support and guidance."
— Jac, Middle level manager (Alberta)

One Last Call to Action Here
Unlock your potential, seize your dreams, and conquer the world with Empowerment Coaching and Business Success Coaching - your last chance to claim the life you deserve!


What is life coaching?
Life coaching is a practice that helps people identify and achieve personal goals. A life coach can help you improve various aspects of your life, such as your career, relationships, and overall well-being.
What is leadership and business coaching?
Leadership and Business coaching is a type of human resource development for leaders and business leaders. It provides positive support, feedback, and advice on an individual or group basis to improve personal effectiveness in the business setting.
What is love and relationship coaching?
Love and relationship coaching focuses on helping individuals improve their romantic relationships and overcome any challenges they may be facing. This can include communication issues, intimacy concerns, and overall relationship satisfaction.
What are the benefits of coaching?
The benefits of coaching are numerous, including improved productivity, enhanced communication skills, increased confidence, better work-life balance, and overall better quality of life.





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